Top 15 tech industry job – $21 billion worth of open, high paying jobs

Most employers don’t want to broadcast the salaries they’re willing to pay when they post jobs, so job-hunting site Glassdoor has decided to do that for you.

It now includes a salary estimate with every job listing, based on sifting through the millions of self-reported salaries hosted on its site.

To celebrate that new feature, it dug into its data to find out which industries and job titles had the most openings.

All told, there are a whopping $272 billion worth of unfilled jobs right now in the U.S.

The industry that had the most job openings is health care. It has just under 800,000 open jobs worth $45.2 billion in annual salaries.

The tech industry ranked fifth overall, in terms of the total estimated dollar value of its job openings (after health care, business services, retail, transportation and logistics.)

But tech still has a lot of high paying jobs available, with some job titles more in demand than others.

Here are the top tech titles with the most open jobs and total pay available, aka total economic value, according to Glassdoor.

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