Careers @ ProStart

Are you a Sr. Recruiter / Account Mgr. in the Technology Placement Field? Working by yourself? Working for a company that is not paying you what you are worth? Are you losing money on unfilled Reqs./Jobs, with great contacts and hiring managers? Are you interested in working with a team of Sr. Recruiters? Sharing openings, contacts, and ideas to maximize your earnings? Are you a producer?

If you answer yes to all or many of these questions, we should talk!! We offer…

  • An open working environment
  • Office in Salem, NH.
  • Open to WFH possibilities
  • Top Compensation Package
  • 40,000 Applicant Database
  • Job Boards
  • Benefits
  • Support Staff

We are a full-service (Perm/Temp) employment agency. Established in 1989 (ProStart Inc) and 1993 (TechStar Inc.) We are eager to talk to people who know how to deliver results and enjoy working in a team environment that will benefit us all.

Call or contact Jim Missert / President at or call 603-893-7772