Linux Systems Engineer, Boston MA

You will be responsible for deploying, monitoring and managing our distributed web application. You should be skilled at identifying and solving technical issues related to the scalability, availability and security of our systems. You will be an integral part of the team, guiding the architectural design of our application.

You will be expected to solve complex technical issues that may arise at any point of our stack, including Linux at the OS level, and our web, database and application servers.

You will be in charge of automating our deployment to automatically scale based on resource demand, recover from failures and make updates with zero downtime.


  • Experience working with large distributed web applications
  • Experience managing cloud environments through APIs
  • Ability to automate server configuration (e.g. Chef, Puppet or Python)
  • Experience hardening Linux servers at the OS level
  • Solid understanding of computer networking
  • Experience with highly available and fault-tolerant systems
  • Be mindful of security implications at both the application and network level


  • Programming experience, especially with Python
  • Experience working with Amazon’s Web Services API
  • Experience with MongoDB and Redis

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